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Emuge Punch Taps

Emuge has introduced a new line of punch taps to the Metalworking Industry.  These taps are extremely fast, high volume applications such as in the automotive industry are ideal for the Punch Tap. Emuge Punch Taps provide excellent thread production solutions for the manufacturers who produce high volume parts and need to reduce cycle times. These are made from special HSSE-PM alloy optimized for toughness and long wear and have an exclusive design offering several benefits such as unique teeth geometry that produces threads in a single step.

The Punch Tap has two rows of flutes off-set 180 ° from each other and extending in a helical curve all the way down to the usable application depth. This design enables an extremely efficient tool path that is approximately 15times shorter for an M6 thread with a depth of 15mm compared to traditional cutting or cold-forming taps. The shortened tool path facilitates a threading process which completes in less than half a second.

The tool operates quickly into a pre-drilled hole and the first tooth of each flute produces a helical groove which assists in guiding the tap to the application depth. Once the depth is reached, threading commences by cold forming with a synchronous movement of feed and rotation. The thread is produced with a half left-turn in the pitch, and each tooth of the Emuge Punch Tap produces half a thread. After the threads have been formed, the Punch Tap is retracted in a helical movement from the hole via the grooves. The finished cold-formed thread is interrupted by two helical grooves offset by 180 °.

The Emuge Punch Tap – technology, also called helical cold-forming of threads, constitutes the fourth method for the production of internal threads besides tapping, cold-forming of threads and thread milling. This patented method was developed in cooperation between Audi AG and EMUGE-FRANKEN and presented for the first time to the public in 2014.

Thanks to entirely new kinematics with a significantly shorter tool path, the Punch Tap allows for time savings of up to 75% compared to conventional cold-forming of taps.