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TitaNox Power

YG-1 Solid Carbide End Mills-TitaNox Power has been around the industry for quite some time which are an Excellent Tools for Aerospace Industry, Energy & Power Generation. The TitaNox line has a superior built quality which takes on titanium, stainless steel, alloy steels. The TitaNox comes with 4 and 5 flute designs and extra-rigid high-speed performance.


The TitaNox has a better wear resistance, compared to any other Solid Carbide End Mills. They also have a improved thermal stability. The Optimized edge design provides excellent performance in heavy cutting applications, which mean they perform well on difficult to cut machines. Specifically designed for aerospace, power generation, and medical applications. The TitaNox has a better durability compared to its competitions.


TitaNox Power 4-Flute Double Core Endmills

TitaNox Power 5-Flute Endmills



  • For heavy cutting in slotting and profiling applications, our true double-core design provides faster chip evacuation and improved dimensional stability
  • These are the new 5-flute end mills which are built to handle high-speed machining with fine finishing ability
  • Highly rigid double core adds stability and improves rigidity
  • 5 flute multiple helix designs for fast, fine finishing in tough materials
  • Unique 4-flute design provides excellent chip evacuation
  • Multiple-helix geometry delivers smooth cutting with reduced chatter
  • Variable flute design featuring multiple helix helps increase performance, reduce vibration and eliminate chatter
  • The perfect choice for profiling, finishing, peel milling operations and more


Titanox innovative design has a double-core end mill with an advanced coating is built to survive the toughest materials like titanium, stainless steel and many more. The double-core design takes end milling titanium and other tough metals to a new level. Specifically, designed to be super-rigid, heat resistant design to chip materials faster.