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Inventory Tool Management System

As the World is slowly moving forward with Industry 4.0, it's time to look at what's really happening. Industrial Vending Machines were there for quite a while now and wasn't received well initially. People thought it is a waste of money and time, but it’s not. ROI is higher than the total amount of money spent on the machine.

Industrial Vending Machines specifically designed to stock all inventory both large and small. Cutting tools, abrasives, safety supplies, PPE gloves, MRO supplies, cutting-inserts, valve fittings, fasteners, work kits, spare parts and many more.

Valcarb has teamed up with Iscar to bring you the best quality vending machines. The Matrix machines automate vending solutions and allow customers to reduce many expenses.



  • Specifically designed for Industrial purposes according to the customer's requirements
  • Advanced inventory management software
  • Employees can scan their ID or scan their finger to issue or return items
  • Records all transactions automatically and re-order stocks when it’s low for you



  • Drives down the inventory cost
  • Guarantee production output
  • Optimize stock levels
  • Select the right tools for each job
  • Controls the cost per unit (CPU)                 
  • Provides various levels of security
  • Creates accountability among users
  • Generates detailed reports by department, job, or employee