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Iscar Anti-Vibration Boring Bars

Iscar has introduced a new set of Anti-Vibration Tools. For decades, machinists had to deal with the presence of problematic vibrations daily. Iscar has finally come up with a solution to solve these difficulties with the development of a wide range of Anti-Vibration Tools that are able to reduce or even eliminate this challenging phenomenon, across a wide range of machining disciplines. One of the most common turning applications is the boring of the components, a function also known as internal turning. The most widespread tools used for this type of machining operation are boring bars. Boring bar’s shapes enable them to operate through previously drilled holes and to efficiently enlarge and accurately profile holes according to their specific requirements. The correct application of a boring bar enables a bore’s internal profile to be machined according to specification, an accurate hole diameter to be achieved and the required surface finish quality to be realized.

To cover the complete range of applications for internal turning, Iscar has developed a comprehensive series of high-quality internal boring bars for different insert geometrics, covering all machining applications from 4xBD to 10xBD.


Iscar offers three types of boring bars: solid steel, solid carbide, and anti-vibration. We bring you Iscar’s prolific R&D department, innovative WHISPERLINE anti-vibration boring bars designed to significantly reduce the vibrations when working with a high overhang from 7xBD to 10xBD.


The Whisperline boring bars are cost-effective with a wide range of standard shanks with diameters of 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 60mm.

The insert geometry is very important when using anti-vibration boring bars. Also, choosing the appropriate nose radius of the insert is also a vitally important consideration.  A lower nose radius is recommended as this configuration significantly reduces forces, due to the lower contact between the inserts and workpiece, which helps to limit and reduce vibration. A greater nose radius creates much larger radial and tangential cutting forces that can produce a high amount of vibrations. The all-embracing anti-vibrations turning tools can be referred to as tuned or damped tools, which provide effective solutions for the reduction and elimination of vibrations.