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Iscar's New Face mill Cutters HTF D…-R-LN10








Iscar has introduced another line of face mill cutter which gives a very high surface finish. The new HTF D… - R-LN10 cutters carry the standard HTP LN… 1006 tangentially clamped inserts which have 4 cutting edges. The HTF D… - R-LN10 face milling cutters are available in diameter of 5


0 to 160mm. These new applications are moderately silent and vibration proof.

The HTP LN… 1006 can be placed on the cutter in both radial and axial directions with each insert cuts just a portion of the material. The inserts are positioned to provide the ultimate surface finishing with no mismatch. The standard inserts were designed for plungers and now can be utilized as a part of the new finishing application. They help to achieve machining in semi-finishing and additional line milling in a single pass.

The HTF D… - R-LN10 inserts are extremely rigid with a long and straight wiper edge which generates a highly polished surface quality. The cutters are intended for fine surface quality up to 0.1 Ra (μm) for milling applications. These cutters come in a polished coating on the cutter body for continuous chip flow and give protection against corrosion and wear.