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Sumitomo 40th Anniversary Promo

Sumitomo Carbide has a new promotion going on regarding their 40th Anniversary in the US. The promo consists of Turning Inserts, Indexable Drilling and Milling. The promo will be valid from July 1st till September 30th, 2019. In this blog, you will get to know the detailed aspects of the promotion.




AC5000S Series

These series are mainly made for Heat resistant & Exotic Alloys. They are highly heat-resistant ultra-multi-layer AITiSiN structure realizes excellent crater wear resistance and flank wear resistance and flank wear resistance. Coated with adhesion realizes excellent boundary defect resistance. Made from the rigid carbide substrate material. The new sintering process enables hardness to be maintained while greatly improving rigidity, realizing reduces boundary defects and chipping resistant performance.


AC8000P Series

The 8000P Series are used for Steel Turning. They are made for High-speed cutting of steel, general-purpose cutting of steel and Interrupted cutting of steel. They help to reduce crater damage due to chip abrasion that is 2x better crater wear resistance. Improves the tool surface smoothness and significantly reduce adhesions through special surface treatment. Drastically reduced tensile residual stress in coating through special surface treatment. 


AC4000K Series


Newly developed high adhesion technology, crystal orientation control technology, and residual stress control technology for longer and stable tool life. These series are used for precision cutting cast iron. Longer and stable tool life from various types of cast irons – from gray cast iron to high-strength and ductile cast irons. The surface of the inserts gave more than twice the compressive stress and 2x chipping resistance compared with conventional products. Smooth cutting-edge treatment (Rz 0.15 μm -  0.07μm).

AC1030U Series

AC1030U Series are used for High Precision machining. They are superior wear and chipping resistance which means it has an excellent surface finish, better wear resistance, superior peeling resistance and improved chipping resistance. High-quality cutting edge realized excellent resistance against adhesion and microchipping and better-finished surfaces.

AC6000M Series

AC6000M Series “Absotech platinum” CVD grade coating, with fine grains and high hardness, achieved 1.5 times higher wear resistance and twice the tool life than a conventional grade. TiB2 surface layer creates excellent adhesion and chipping resistance. Chip breaker lineup with newly developed “EEM” type gives excellent chip control when roughing.
AC6020M is the Grade for high speed and high-efficiency stainless steel turning by the combination of new CVD coating "Absotech Platinum" and hard substrate with high wear resistance, has excellent wear, chipping or peeling resistance.
AC6040M is the grade for interrupted cutting of stainless steel, by new PVD coating "Absotech Bronze", newly optimized composition of TiAISiN multi-layer structure and exclusive carbide substrate with high peeling and chipping resistance improves greatly the stability of tool life even in unstable cutting.


Promotion - Get up to 40% on List Price for your purchase of minimum of 40 Inserts.


Indexable Drilling


Sumitomo WDX Indexable Drill can be used in a wide range of applications such as Counter Drilling, Surface Drilling, and Slant Face Drilling, Half Profile Drilling, OD Turning and ID Boring. They have Excellent hole accuracy, Excellent chip control, Four-cornered insert design for easy and tool management and reduce cost. Coolant-through Design Longer tool life reduces cost per part.


Features and Applications:

• Balanced Design

Cutting force during drilling is balanced between central insert and peripheral insert. The relative position of each insert is optimized to provide stable drilling.

• Excellent chip control

The chip evacuation direction can be controlled with the chip control groove at the center of the breaker, enabling good chip control.

• Versatile Tool for a variety of Maching Applications

Select among three types of breakers for different applications, allowing optimal drilling for a variety of work materials and conditions. Suitable for a wide range of applications including hole expansion, spot facing, external turning, and internal boring.

• Economical Four-Cornered Insert

This product has an extremely economical design where a single insert type can be used for the central insert or peripheral insert, with two corners for each position - a total of four corners.

There are 3 types of original chip breaker designs available that enhance chip control and lower cutting forces, applicable to low rigidity setup conditions. 
ACP300 – for steel
ACK300 – for cast iron
DL1500 – for non-ferrous material
1. Provides stable and high-quality drilling with a balanced design.
2. 3 types of chip breakers to eliminate chip control problems.
3. New coating technology achieves long tool life with improved fracture and wear resistance.
4. Economical 4-cornered insert interchangeable between the center and peripheral edges.

WDXT inserts are available in three grades:

ACP300 – for steel
ACK300 – for cast iron
DL1500 – for non-ferrous material


Also, available in 3 Chip breakers:
L – for lower feed rates
G – for general purpose
H – for higher feed rates



TSX Series - Tangential Shoulder Milling Cutter

TSX provides superior metal removal rates. With the newly developed fine carbide press/ sintering technology and accurate grinding technics, the periphery ground inserts generate incredible accuracy and excellent surface finish. The Tangentially mounted insert achieves excellent edge sharpness and sidewall accuracy with optimized chip breaker. TSX is available in two insert sizes offering a max depth of cut of 8mm (.315”) and 12mm (.473”). The TSX provides the strength required for increased depths of cut ranging from a small job to a heavy-duty roughing application.

DFC Series - 90° Milling Cutter

DFC Series features high toughness insert design which enables stable cutting and high-efficiency machining with high feed rates. DFC optimizes machining accuracy by separating the insert contact areas and the cutting edges. Large lineup available for new DFC series: from 1” through 8” shell mills in standard, fine pitch, and extra-fine pitch styles.

WEX Series - 90° Milling Cutter

The WEX Series are available in 9 milling grades to cover a wide variety of applications. These Cutters have a unique curved cutting-edge design increases cutting edge strength yet reduces cutting force. The high precision cutting edges produce machined surfaces close to finishing quality. Also, the smooth cutting even for deep grooves and low rigidity machines. The insert facet generates high-quality surface finishes. The highly-durable body for improved corrosion and scratch resistance with a special surface treatment. Improved clamping force and durability by using larger screws. Improved chip evacuation with air or coolant supply. Improved chip evacuation with air or coolant supply.

WFX Series – 90° Shoulder Milling Cutter

The WFX Series has a high-precision body of the WFX Series is optimal for shoulder milling, which includes a redesigned cutter containing a 90-degree lead angle. The inserts convex cutting edge provides an optimized toughness with an integrated wiper to deliver an excellent surface finish. The series includes coarse, fine and super fine pitch cutter bodies. The Coarse and Fine pitch is offered in the 2” through 8” diameter range, while the Super Fine Pitch caters to the 2” through 5” diameters.
These cutters are a screw-down type cutter capable of using 4 cornered inserts. The high accuracy of the WFX is ideal for attaining exceptional part squareness. Available insert grades include ACP series, ACK series for cast iron, ACM series for Stainless Steel and DL1000 & H1 for non-ferrous materials.

MSX High Feed Milling Cutter

The Metal Slash Mill MSX Type is a multi-purpose cutter capable of roughing at ultra-high feeds. Its wide application range dramatically boosts efficiency. Inserts are available in four sizes to cover a wide variety of milling needs. MSX High-Speed Milling Cutter achieves high feed rates of up to .055 IPT for significantly reduced cycle times. To ensure higher rigidity and accuracy, the MSX features a double clamping system. The MSX Milling cutter is ideal for ramping and helical applications using general steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. The MSX is available in Weldon (EW) and Cylindrical (ELC) type shanks as well as recently available shell mill (R) style.


1. High Durable Body special surface treatment improves scratch resistance.

2. Use for ramping, helical, and drilling work.

3. Extra-strong clamping ensures stable cutting performance (single clamp 22mm or smaller diameters)

4. Improvted chip evacuaion with air or coolant supply hole and specially shaped pocket design.

5. Unique tool shape packs cutting performance and cutting edge strength.

WGX Series - 45° Milling Cutter

WGX Wave mill series is used for all face milling applications, features excellent surface finish and eliminates burrs due to unique insert chip breaker design. The WGX body and insert combination yields improved run-out accuracy. Additional WGX benefits include lower cutting force due to its high rake angle, optimized edge treatment for long tool life with a new Super ZX and Super FF coating.