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Tool holders Performance & Pricing

Not all Tool holders are made equivalent, which can present challenges for metalworking experts. All things considered, picking the right one for the right work is obviously of basic significance to fruitful metalworking performances. For instance, if rough milling in a tough alloy is the job, a side lock end mill holder is a better choice so as to prevent pullout. Then again, saving setup time is key to delivering on a job efficiently, a quick-locking hydraulic pressure may be better. 
To assit with your tool holder selection we've built up this snappy reference guide looking at the most significant presentation qualities of various holder types: runout, grasping quality, pullout security, speed, vibration damping and dealing with. 
Cost is constantly a factor as well, obviously. Along these lines, we had our designers assess by and large execution of the distinctive holder types—side lock end factory holders, shrivel fit holders, collet tosses, processing hurls and water driven throws—as it identifies with their run of the mill costs. The appraisals you'll see mirror the holder types and execution by and large, not simply BIG KAISER items. Look at the guide beneath, or contact our specialists to help select the best device holder for your needs.
source: Big kaiser